Software & PDA's

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  • GstarCAD

    GstarCAD is based on the well-known IntelliCAD software, which is the industry standard for low-cost CAD software. GstarCAD is the innovative alternative to AutoCAD that provides OpenDWG file compatibility, similar environment, as well as full support for the well known commands, menus, scripts, styles, patterns etc. GstarCAD is the top quality version of IntelliCAD worldwide, when compared to the current market leader it is 99% the same. Its speeds and performances with an attractive and competitive price are totally unbeatable.



  • CADprofi Mechanical

    Parametric CAD-application facilitating the 2D design of mechanical and engineering projects.


  • CADprofi Architectural

    Parametric CAD-application facilitating architectural project design.


  • CADprofi HVAC & Piping

    Parametric CAD-application for design technical building equipment. All installation kinds will be supported, i.e. heating, ventilation, air conditioning, piping and ducting.


  • CADprofi Electrical

    Parametric CAD-application facilitating the design of complex electrical, light and telecommunications installations and more.


  • CADprofi Suite

    This package contains Mechanical, Architectural, HVAC & Piping and Electrical all in one.



  • Star*Net

    MicroSurvey STAR*NET V6 is an easy-to-use Windows application that adjusts 2D/3D survey networks using rigorous Least Squares techniques.

    STAR*NET handles networks containing conventional observations with up to 10,000 adjustable stations. Differential leveling observations can also be included within a 3D adjustment. Whether a survey consists of a single-loop traverse or a complex network of interconnecting traverses, all observations are adjusted simultaneously to produce a single best-fit solution. STAR*NET can reduce observations to NAD27, NAD83 or UTM with separate grid factors calculated for all distances and t-T corrections calculated for all angles.



  • FieldGenius

    FieldGenius gives you a competitive advantage in the field. Some of our customers have reported up to a 30% reduction in the time it takes them to complete a job because of the advantages FieldGenius offers.


  • MicroSurvey CAD

    No plug-ins or modules are necessary. Complete Survey Drafting, COGO, DTM, Traversing, Volumes, Contouring, Point Cloud manipulation and Data Collection interfacing are included. MicroSurvey CAD is compatible with field data from all major total stations and data collectors and is fully compatible with AutoCAD.


  • Microsurvey EmbeddedCAD

    MicroSurvey embeddedCAD, Powered with Autodesk Technology™, is 100.0% compatible with AutoCAD® DWG® files. It's a fully-featured standalone surveying powerhouse with an industry-leading CAD engine.

    Old habits are hard to break. This program is built for surveyors that want to stick with a traditional CAD interface and engine, while having the ability to compute coordinates, balance traverses, annotate drawings, compute areas, and every other tool relevent to the modern surveyor.


  • Microsurvey PointCloud CAD

    PointCloud CAD 2010 is a high performance CAD, Surveying, and Point Cloud system.




    The Nautiz X7 exemplifies the evolution of handheld computers. Packed with innovative advancements in PDA technology, it surpasses everything else on the market with its mix of power, functionality and ruggedness. The Nautiz X7 can do everything you need to do - and some things you may not have even known you could do.


  • Pole Clamp with Logger Cradle

    A pole clamp with data logger bracket (set).


  • Trimble Yuma Mobile Computer

    YMA-FYS8AE-00 - Trimble Yuma Mobile Computer


  • Algiz 10X

    The powerful Algiz® 10X rugged tablet PC runs sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling — a perfect match for today’s mobile workforce. It operates on a powerful Intel® Atom™ N2800 dual-core processor, with a 64 or 128 GB SSD, expandable via microSD™ and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, offering top-of-the-line computing capability and massive storage capacity. It runs Windows 7 Ultimate, and is ready for Windows 8.


  • Spectra Precision T41

    The Spectra Precision® T41™ Data Collector is rugged, powerful, connected and compact, offering high performance with a high-resolution outdoor readable display. The slim, ergonomic design is easy to hold and enables all-day use. A new capacitive touch-screen protected by Gorilla® Glass provides intuitive and responsive finger-tip touch capability. The T41 handheld has 3.75G cellular data capabilities for use with VRS networks, plus cellular voice and SMS capabilities. The 8-megapixel camera can be set to automatically include time and location data from the integrated GPS receiver.